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En pratstund med mr Shimzaki
Skrivet av Jonas Carlsson   
2007-09-20, 08:42:37 CEST Vecka:38

Under de Nordiska mästerskapen i Skarpnäck, fick vi möjligheten av att både avnjuta en trevlig middag tillsammans samt få en trevlig pratsutund med Mr Shimazaki, som var på besök i Sverige.

Nice to see you in Sweden mr Shimazaki. You work for OS Engines in Japan as assistant manager, what does that mean?

Among other things, I visit different competitions to promote our products. I get a feel of the market and listens to what people think about our producs, and what products they want to see in the future.

You are on a tour around Europe right now, where have you been?

I have been away for three weeks, visited the Europeen buggy Championship in France, helicopter competitions in the UK and Poland. I have also visited our distributor here in Sweden, ModelCraft in Malmö.

Is 1:8 buggy offroad big in Japan?

Unfortunately not, it is the rc-sport that decreases the most in Japan, the one that grows the most is 1:10 touring.

Why do you think it is like that?

Kids rather sit by their computers, playing Playstation or play with their mobile phones. It's a troubling trend that has to be changed.

Do you drive yourself?

I don't have much time left for that, but when I do, it's mostly Ready to Run-cars on a pure hobby level, and sometimes a bit of flying.

Will OS launch any new engines soon?

OS Speed and OS Blue Top sell very well, so we are fully concentrated on them. There might be a new prototype out for testing next year.

What do you think about this weekends competition (Nordic Championship 2007) and the course (Skarpnäck)?

It is a nice competition and I'm impressed by the amount of drivers. The course and the area around it is very nice, compared to Japan where the infrastructure is much less evolved.

Who do you think will be the Nordic Champion of 2007?

Any OS driver!

Any favourite?

All OS drivers!

Have you tried the Swedish speciality, smelly-fish -  surströmming?

No no no! But it is a part of the Swedish culture I have to try, but it is probably safest to be sitting far out in the woods when doing it!

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